Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tears 눈물 (2000)

Tears - IM Sang-soo strikes again. These teen rebellion pictures have a long legacy going. I think Rebel Without a Cause started it all. This particular bad teen film is far more visceral than what you would normally get. Shot on MiniDV, right in the Garibong-dong, it makes it feel nearly too real, but it doesn't elevate itself into documentary. You always know that you're watching a film, although it's very convincing. DV does have a certain immediateness that film does not retain. And while it's basically a good drama, above average definitely, in dealing with such a grim topic, personally, I am far more interested in the social forces that push these kids towards vagrancy than the physical workings of their daily lives. Maybe I'll have to make that film myself, but it may end up not being fictional. And if you want to see the apex of the teen rebellion genre, then watch a little Singaporean picture called 15: The Movie by Royston Tan.

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