Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sleeping Man 眠る男 (1996)

Sleeping Man - Unfortunately, I didn't have subtitles, but the images contain the spirit of the picture, so I feel an understanding with the material. It seems to be another film supporting the national ethos. As one critic said, a shared history gives people a psychological foundation, and the presence of SE Asians, here welcomed and not castigated, displays humanist concerns. There were a few youngsters who became awkward at the presence of Christine Hakim's character, Tia, but YAKUSHO Koji's character, Hamamura, seemed to welcomed her, and occasionally correcting her Japanese: "Anata wa doushite?" Like KAWASE Naomi, OGURI Kohei praises simplistic, village life, or would rather not see it destroyed like most (hopefully). It's a serene and comfortable family film, and a HUGE influence on The Taste of Tea. I would recommend watching them together.

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